Monday, October 29, 2012


Forever, Halloween has been an event for my girls. Primarily because their dad made such a big deal about the holiday that it burned it in their souls! This year was no exception! J’Amy and Eric had a Halloween party to beat all Halloween parties! The decorating throughout was over the top, both inside and out!

The whole event started out with a bang. Three years ago Halloween night, Drayton proposed to Ashley:

Then on Saturday we all gathered to take a family picture, in costume, when the camera was ready to snap, Drayton said “one, two, three, Ashley’s pregnant!!!” Wow!!! There is going to be a Bailey baby…. Please see the photographic proof below:

Hosting was the beautiful witch and wizard - - the Winters ….

Also there was the Auntie and Uncle witch and wizard… and of course Oz the Owl

Woody and Bo Peep showed up…. Whooa there Sheriff….

Shrek and Fiona stopped in on their way back to the Swamp

And of course no Halloween party is complete without a vampire!

What a great party! What great news! There is going to be another baby! Yea, yea, yea…what a party that will be!