Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthdays and Parties

Do you ever feel sometimes like you just wish everyone would forget that it is your birthday? Like it is just another day? Well... I have. But I also know that I would feel yucky if the people who love me didn't celebrate it either...Geesh what a woman huh?

Mom and Daddy came down for the weekend and for my birthday we headed to J'Amy & Eric's. Maycie kept following me around with a birthday balloon that she was pretty insistent should be attached to my body at all times.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Kayla was just pretty sober most of the night

With intermittent smiles, and pouts.

This was the scene in the kitchen. Kirk with the asparagus, Mom making sure everything was going as planned.

J'Amy and Grandma.... pretty ladies!

Ashley and Drayton

Maycie helping Grandma open presents...

Maycie helping Grandma read cards...

Maycie helping Grandma eat her birthday cake....

It was a perfect birthday - a happy day... although the candles on the cake were arranged in a "4" and "0".... ya right that is it... my 7th anniversary of my 40th birthday :)