Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chicken Enchiladas Suiza

Okay, so I have to say right up front this is a modified version of a Pioneer Woman chicken enchilada recipe. But seriously - - this is some incredible oooeeey gooey madness going on. You will love it!

2-½ cups cooked, shredded chicken
(1) 14 oz. can chicken broth
3 Tbsp Oil
12 whole corn tortillas
1 whole large onion, diced
(3) 4 oz cans whole green chilies, diced
1 whole jalapeno, seeded & finely diced (optional)
1 teaspoon paprika
½ cups heavy cream
2 Tbsp butter
2 Tbsp flour
1 cup sour cream
2-½ cups Monterey Jack cheese, Grated
Salt & Pepper, to taste
Picante Sauce (optional)
Cilantro, Chopped

Preparation Instructions
Heat 2 tablespoons oil in a small skillet over medium-high heat. Fry tortillas for no longer than 20 seconds, just to soften (do not allow to become crisp.) Place tortillas on a stack of paper towels to drain.

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in separate skillet over medium heat. Add onions and jalapenos and saute for 1 minute, just to start the cooking process. Add chicken, half of the green chilies, and ½ teaspoon paprika. Stir together. Add ½ cup chicken broth and stir. Add cream and stir, allowing mixture to bubble and get hot. Turn off heat and set aside.

In a separate large skillet, melt butter and sprinkle in flour. Whisk together and cook over medium heat for one minute. Pour in the rest of the can of chicken broth. Whisk together and cook for another minute or two. Stir in the other half of the chilies. Reduce heat, then stir in sour cream. Add 1 ½ cups grated cheese and stir to melt. Add ½ teaspoon paprika. Check seasoning and add salt and pepper as needed.

To assemble, spoon chicken mixture on top of tortillas, one by one. Top with plenty of cheese and roll up. Place seam side down in a 9 x 13 casserole dish.

Pour cheese mixture all over the top of the tortillas. Top with extra cheese if you’d like, then bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Sprinkle generously with chopped cilantro.

Serve with picante sauce, if desired.

The Pioneer Woman even finishes off her recipe by saying "Faint as necessary". Honest to goodness, I think that should be a step in the process!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Road Home

They say that death is a natural part of life; and I guess in real terms, it is. However, having never been faced with being in the midst of death, it had always been incredibly frightening to me. I wasn’t present when both my grandfathers and my maternal grandma passed away. But I did experience the profound sadness that accompanies the loss of your loved one.

As my sweet Grandma’s time was approaching, I started to feel sorrow creeping in. It was difficult for me to understand my Dad’s calm countenance. His strong faith and belief that Grandma was headed to a better place created in him such a sense of peace.

I arrived in time to spend some hours with Grandma before she passed. In those hours, Daddy read to her different passages of the Bible and sang to her. We reminisced of wonderful times together as a family. I put lotion on her hands, Chapstick on her lips, and kept her mouth moistened. I whispered in her ear words of encouragement, and told her it was okay to go. It was her time, in God’s perfect timing.

Those last few moments were priceless. I watched as she lifted her eyes, spoke without words, and raised her hand to the angel who took her on the journey home to be with Jesus.

We will miss you my beautiful Grandma. But in the midst of our grief, we are happy in knowing that you are dancing with Grandpa and laughing with Uncle Jim and Uncle Clayton. And most of all, we are comforted in the knowledge that you are at peace with your Heavenly Father.