Saturday, January 24, 2009

First Work

I totally meant to put pictures in of the things I made while at my class. So here they are. A couple of them I used with molds and the rest I textured and then either cut them out by hand or used a cutter. I am not so sure I like the bright silver of these charms, as I am a more oxidized sort of a gal. I will wait to do this until I find the right project for these items.

This was way fun, and I am excited to explore this avenue a bit more. Stephanie, Julia (two of the ladies I met at the class) and I are going to have a play date soon so that we can create together. That is a really fine thing - inasmuch as Julia has the kiln.... niiiice. I can't wait to experiment! I have bought the new clay and have decided that I will use found objects for texture. Upcoming items soon!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Me and PMC

What a great opportunity I had a couple of weekends ago. Do you ever feel like things happen for a reason? Like you are in the right place at the right time? Like karma smiled at you? Like… well, you get the picture. So it was with me. I have wanted to take a PMC class for some time now. PMC you ask? Precious Metal Clay. For those of you who are jewelers you know what this is, for those of you who aren’t, precious metal clay is made from microscopic fine silver particles, a non-toxic organic binder and water. It is worked like clay then fired in a kiln. ... What is left behind is 99.9% pure silver in whatever shape you created. Remember your days with Play Doh and there you have it. Let me tell you I made some of the best Play Dough spaghetti and meatballs you have ever tasted – it was only natural that I would want to dabble in PMC.

ANYWAY… I started looking into a class and I happened upon Sherri Haab’s website. Sherri has written 17 craft books, six specifically geared toward jewelry making and design. She is one of the leaders in the industry in the use of PMC in terms of crafting and design. As I read more about her, I found that she lived in Utah. I fast forwarded and found that she was teaching a PMC class here in Utah - - the upcoming weekend!! Wow! What an opportunity! I made a phone call – got in the class, and before I knew it, Marika (my friend and business/bead sista) was booked on a flight to attend the class with me.

What an experience, in more ways than I can describe in this post. I had the opportunity to learn a technique from one of the foremost teachers in the business, and to meet some of the most incredible people! I am excited about the new avenue in jewelry design this has opened up for me, and for the exciting new friendships that will develop.

I am so thrilled for the opportunity, grateful for the experience, and excited about this new adventure!