Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving turns to Christmas OVERNIGHT

Okay, so first of all, I think it is time to take this down.

Second, can I just say “huh???”

First this… (yes, I am wearing sweat comment please)

Then this….

And then this…. I left my gloves out in the garage so I didn't track the snow in everywhere. I went out the next morning and they were frozen solid.

Holy Snow, Batman!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trans Siberian Orchestra

On Thursday night I saw TSO for the first time. What an incredible experience!

The light show was amazing.

The music incredible.

Did I mention pyrotechnics?

Wow..... seriously unbelievable.

Yes.... I will be going again next year!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What a Beautiful Bride!

I always love doing custom work, especially when it involves a wedding. I had such a fun time designing this lovely necklace for Hope. Below is my finished design. She was so thrilled with it.

I came across her wedding blog post here. Look how darling she is!

How fun would it be to get married in Disneyland? I love Disneyland. I think I will go put my Pump Up the Grump sweatshirt on ~ featuring one of my favorite dwarves.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Coned Dog

I don’t know, maybe it is my warped sense of humor, but I find this funny. A weiner dog with a cone.

Here she is in happier times. Look at how incredibly fine she is. Please note the seasonal necklace. Thank you.

Then there is this…

The Cone of Shame.

Maggie and I speak the same language. I get her. She gets me. These are the top five things I hear her saying…
1. Pah-leeeese… no self respecting dog should ever be photographed like this.
2. Seriously, do I need to open my mouth and let out some foul odor to get you to stop?
3. Okay, okay, I know I have a little root grow out. What? I have been busy.
4. Maybe if I don’t make eye contact she will stop.
5. How much more do you really think that you can humiliate me?

And this…

The shame of it all.

Who knows Maggie, maybe there is a lesson to be learned here... just sayin...