Friday, February 3, 2012

Life Lessons

I have learned some very good lessons of late. This is definite proof to me that we never, ever, no not ever, stop learning. While some of these lessons have been some of the most beautiful and profound moments of my life, others have been some of the most difficult and borderline tragic. The following bullet points my newest AHA moments:

  1. Life is fragile. This was demonstrated acutely in my dad’s cancer diagnosis.

  2. There are always new beginnings, even when you don’t think that it will ever happen.

  3. Inner soul reflection helps to heal old wounds that were paralyzing for the past 25+ years.

  4. You never know how many people your life touches and influences. My family has been flooded with love, care and concern, from directions I never would have imagined or guessed.

  5. Friends, true friends, stand by your side right through to the end. They take the bullet with you, and sometimes for you. But they never ever leave your side. I have been blessed with a couple of those in my life.

  6. Love comes when you least expect it. You can be in sweats, and love sees you in your ball gown.
I usually try to see the good in everything. I am a cup half full sortofagal. I am a “find the lesson” in each experience kind of a person. And each one of these things noted above has taught me an incredibly valuable lesson - - - I cannot be in control of all things in my life. I cannot control that my dad has cancer. I can’t make it better. I can however learn that love pours out all over you from places and people you didn’t even know, to lend comfort and teach you that life is meant to be shared.

I have learned to let go of survival conditioning behaviors that have impeded my ability to love fully. I have learned what a true friend is. This was a very painful lesson, but one necessary to understand and recognize that truth comes in several forms. I will never forget this lesson. And finally, and most importantly, love. True love. Love that sees you in your ugly but views you in your perfection. Having found that, maybe for the first time, I want to hang on to it. I think I will hang on for at least forever.

An old boss of mine told me that these types of experiences are opportunities to build character. I remember at the time telling him, “But Kent, I already have a good character!” He was right. He was right indeed. My character, my moral fiber, my spirit, have all been built, shaped, and influenced significantly over the past few months. My life, my heart, my spirit will never be the same. And you know what? I am glad.