Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Shoes

So, it was Easter in Bountiful. I decided this year I wasn't going to buy any candy for the Easter baskets - - but then it was those darn Reese's eggs that got me... and of course the boys needed gummy worms... But for Maycie, I didn't want the candy thing. So I stocked up on PacPac (Maycie's word for Dora the Explorer) and Finding Nemo fruit snacks, raisins, a play purse, her very first pet ( a goldfish named Nemo), and her new little "Bawbi" (Barbie) dress up shoes. At first she wasn's so sure about those shoes ~ but as soon as we got those on her - she was clicking around all over the house in them. Who cares if they don't fit? They totally have bling on them and they click when you walk don't ya know....

All in all we are hopeful that Nemo survives and that Maycie has plenty of days of play in her Easter shoes!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Pups

Last week I took Maggie and Scooter, the pups, in for a dental cleaning. I was so taken back when the vet told me that they were reaching their life expectancy. Huh? It was then that I realized they are both 9 years old. Wow, not so much the pups anymore. Mindie, my childhood pet dachshund was 13 years old when she passed into puppy heaven. I can’t bear the thought of losing my little Magdalena. And as much as I complain about Scooter, I would miss him too. Throughout the years I have always tried to get someone to take Scooter. Whether it was Mike when we divorced, or whether I have tried to cajole my nephews into taking him (I secretly know that Sammy would take him in a heartbeat), or telling Jake that when he moves out he must take Scooter. It will be a horrible, horrible day in my life when those pups join Mindie.

Maggie and Scooter in their younger years sporting hats that Ashley had made for them.

Maggie today, sporting a little bit of gray.

We have always teased that we should get a little bit of a touch up color for her. Good grief, a girl needs a good colorist doesn’t she?